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Kathy Petersen Studio of Piano

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Kathy Petersen

Teaching Philosophy


My program is designed to work with each individual student on a weekly basis to give them a knowledge and understanding of how to read music, scale and theory study, a basic knowledge of chord structure and lead sheets, an understanding of different musical eras and an appreciation for all different types of music.  I also integrate modern and popular music, as well as improvisation, into students study. I specialize in Adaptive Piano Lessons. My training is more "process based", versus "performance based".  This means I am more interested in the process of learning and teaching, which varies from student to student, than I am interested in the end product.  I believe this builds life skills and self-confidence to help students develop and grow into successful people and musicians.


My job is to impart my knowledge in a structured format and to supervise the building of technical and musical skills necessary for students to become well-rounded, independent pianists.  I will do my best to make this learning process as enjoyable and exciting as I can by planning a wide variety of musical activities, events, and field trips. In my current studio, I ensure the goals and dreams of my students so as to cultivate those in a way that is nurturing and challenging.  Selecting their own repertoire is accepted and encouraged to ensure interest and enjoyment.  Providing repertoire is central to my instruction to promote an environment of growth and knowledge, in addition to enjoyment.  This helps in guiding the budding musician to a lifetime of facing challenges as positive encounters, and opportunities of growth.  This is how I accomplish the process-based training I provide.


Students, regardless of age or level, are encouraged to participate in competitions throughout the year. I find value in going on field trips to concerts and other musical events to build community with other students and enrich the learning experience.  The more musical experiences we all are exposed to and share together, the better!


I have a fiery passion for teaching piano, and my home is filled with the beautiful noises we call music. My family and I enjoy playing together as a family at church events. Sharing the love of music through piano instruction brings joy to not only my personal life, but also in my professional life. I have FUN teaching and playing!

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